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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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we will keep trying, thank you for writing in. that is it for us. good night fromew york. neil: we got ourselves a november surprise, folks. benghazi is back and "fox news" has some company reporting it. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. among those falling up on our own katherine harris and jennifer griffin incredible reporting on what the white house knew what the state department knew and when each new at about the tragic attack on our compound or maybe i should say what the white house of this went down. i want to take you back to september 11. reports during the attack on our compound, the white house did not convene a counterterrorism security group.
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this is the security linchpin that is supposed to coordinate resource among agencies and keep track of the resources each of them has as well. it was not called to meet in a car and a high-ranking government official, they were not allowed to do their jobs, they were not called upon. others telling agencies what they have been detailing all along. collective military frustration among key responders ready to be deployed but were not called up. in fact the latest reports are right, they weren't called at all. the picture that emerges is one of mass confusion and among some even indifference to watch response, if any, the u.s. would offer to protect ambassador chris stevens and other americans held up for dear life in that compound. investor and three others were killed in a subsequent attack. as why the cse never convened, a security council spokesperson telling that it was handled by
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the most senior national security officials in the government. the problem with number was coordinating that response or heating dire warnings from teams in the area that benghazi was a target. now darrell issa wants answers. they send off a letter to senator estate hillary clinton inquiring about libyan government personnel being in on this. they paint a disturbing picture indicating elements of libyan government mayave been complacent in a september 112012 attack. in the murder of four americans. also reiterates the fact u.s. government may have had evidence indicating the attack was not a spontaneous attack but included prior surveillance of the compound targets. given the location where they were found these documents appear to be genuine supporting
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a growing body of evidence indicating the obama administration tried to withhold pertinent facts about the 9/11 anniversary attack from congress and the american people. i know a little confusing for you, not because two prominent congressman are saying it or scores of angry top intelligence officials are going off the record, some now on the record discussing it. not because they have been all over it, but because tonight the main street media finally stop ignoring it. don't look now but five days out ahead of the elections the issues the white house wanted to keep a lid on it might have blown up in it face. to the effort mentioned jennifer griffin on what this means and what now. >> i have seen some e-mail traffic suggesting the great frustration of senior count
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counterterrorism claim it was counterterrorism security group was not called. investor chris stevens was missing for nearly six hours. they did not know where the investor was or whether it was a hostage situation for more than six hours and they still decided the top levels of the obama administration not to activate counterterrorism group. this group normally coordinates interagency response to the terror attack against u.s. interests overseas. the decision was also made by the secretary of state and others not to deploy a foreign emergency support team which is an interagency rapid response unit composed of elements from the state department and others to help facilitate a response to terror attacks against the u.s. overseas. some officials suggest a team deployment of certain allowed
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the fbi access to the site in benghazi much sooner than the 24 days that would eventually take the fbi to get on scene for security reasons. fox has been granted access to internal e-mails to document the frustrations of senior officials within the counterterrorism community, but also e-mails that suggest there were warnings from the conflict itself on septemb september 11 that they believed members of the libyan police force had photographed the consulate earlier in the day and possibly the libyan police were involved in some sort of surveillance of the conflict. and as we have previously reported, sean smith mentioned in his online post that night they were very concerned he and chris stevens and others that policeman may have been photographing the conflict for nefarious reasons. they have made aware the
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e-mails, they continue to lament days after that an unwillingness to the administration to knowledge the attack was terrorism. according to one agent i spoke with, the response process was isolated at the most senior level of the obama adminiration and they could have made some degree of difference for the fbi team that wanted to get on the ground quicker than the 24 dayit took them to do so. neil: kudos to your incredible report, you're way ahead of the curve, but at the very least it would implied an administration that they were at best ignorant of things going on. not a great defense. >> these are classified protocols in place almost be immediately deployed in the event of a hostage situation, in the event an ambassador is missing or in the event such as after the u.s. embassy in africa
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that were struck by terror bombings. neil: there's there is a proceo this. >> and they decided to override that procedure. it was taken at the highest level according to e-mail traffic i ha seen. neil: when using the highest levels being. >> obama administration levs. i have nothing that suggest the president himself but certainly members of his cabinet. neil: incredible, you report, others follow. as i was telling my staff, when the mainstream media started reporting the same thing we have been reporting for some time, takes an air of credibility i guess because other mainstream say we better get in on this. secretary, what do you make of
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these developments? >> it is very clear. i like to add to your kudos that they're reporting really led to the reporting that it deserves. we have two things, number one would have a failure to respond during the attack, we know from this newly released letter that was found at the embassy there was photographic surveillance of the embassy, the conflict before the attack by libyan police units including the police car number, that indicates to me it is very clear the libyan government was involved in this attack and supported it and for all we know they participated in it. we know now that w the obama administration ignored all this. a new attack was going on and what else do you need to know?
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america is under attack, why don't you call up the senate and italy and say you guys are on station, get some aircraft over there. neil: we had the same situation developing with a british diplomat and they were in fact backed up by british military soldiers. my bigger point is when you hear about this, obviously you have the cynical view the administration thinks it is best to lay low on this, because most americans when all said and do done, a lot of horrible things that happen to good people, too bad people, to a lot o people in the american people are reminded it is libya, the middle east, crackpot, no big deal. i may be being oversimplified, but that seems to enter into their calculations.
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>> one of the things they said was mrs. evidence perhaps of an unwillingness to respond. they probably said it is not a big deal, if you people get killed over there, it is better than us having a big military presence over there. i come down to the point where i'm so frustrated with these people. they betrayed the people on the ground. every american within reach of american military forces, every american under fire should have rescue coming right now and these guys could have done it, they didn't do it annow i find out the libyan government was participating or at least supporting the attack. this is a scandal that goes beyond the border gate. if they were not for fox news, we would not he any of the troops. -- truth. neil: in watergate, nobody was killed. public notice, gretchen hamel on
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how this could affect the race in the next couple days. people say well, i guess they could have done some things. we could have done some things about weapons of mass destruction going into iraq. my point was and is w second-guessed and the media was very prone to go after aggressively what the administration knew and when it knew it about those weapons not know the same deal now although tonight given some of the reports i talk about besides fox, that could be changing. what you think happens? >> going back, normally at white house after events like this gives with the president knew and when he knew that. it usually happens within a day or two days of an event. that is when questions began to be asked of this administration and that is when the runaround started. they knew the sensitivities, and
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this could be the one thing that nudges the undecided voters off the fence. neil: i noticed this, we were putting this together trying to synthesize it in the clearest terms, it gets wavy, what they knew that didn't meet. a lot of americans sit back and say sorry, we are confused? >> i think it hits a string that the president that he killed usama bin laden and he has been good on foreign-policy and it goes directly against that. one of the few issues the president still has a good handle on. romney has a handle on the economy, the handle on government spending. neil: what should romney do with this? i always thought romney botched it in the debates were sort of like a gift that should have been for him that he screwed up,
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but what does he do? >> he got little shy when he got hit so hard on september 12 from the press reacting too soon. this will be a lot up to this is where the specia interest groups or the outside groups, third-party groups come into play in making this a big issue making sure people know about it but also something you hear a lot of people talking to each other about and that is what undecided voters are going to affect them. the personal relationship they haveith people. when something comes to attack on american soil at an american embassy and american people, that is a concern. that is the concern for every american. nobody wants this edition to be attacked. there was a possibility we could do something about it. neil: thank you very much. for those of you just coming in here. there was a shift in
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developments that bears repeating and we will reat it. not to be mounted for any political point or nauseating debate, something shifted from an attack that looked like it generally surprised the administration on september 112 now indications that its new about the attack. even warnings about what would happen the day of that attack by its own agencies, by the own groups that were practically screaming warnings. this is about to go down. it is clearly verifiable now, then it gets to be messy because it goes from being ignorant of a crisis to lying about it. rudy giuliani on the implications of all this a little later in the show.
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neil: it is theast big piece of economic data before the election, that is the jobs report for october expected to be fairly anemic, 125,000 jobs added, probably keep the uncommon trait around 7.8, 7.9%. not everybody is lying that. but those are the expections. the potential fallout from john layfield. steve, what do you think? >> i've never been one who thought these numbers were politically mutilated last month but we are raising our eyebrows when we saw that. the huge blip in the number of jobs. neil: the way it was calculated certainly left you wdering about the math involved. >> exactly. i follow those numbers from that household survey all the time. i think there will be a correction in the october
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numbers we get tomorrow and therefore i would not be surprised if i don't see it pick up in the unemployment rate, maybe back to the eight nmber. that would be bad news, but praying he gets a seven tomorrow, not an eight. neil: when you look at this, john, does it matter? are we at a point where people have a thick view of the economy and the jobs report days ahead of t election, will it change it one way or another? >> i don't think it matters, then spend over a billion dollars bashing each other, people are prett have pretty mup their minds. the lowest labor force participation rate in 30 years and i thi that is what people are looking at. 7.8, 8.2, it probably pick up tomorrow. i don't think it makes one bit of difference because they're feeling this recession matter what the unemployment rate says, people are feeling it and i don't think it matters before the election.
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neil: i should point out your reporting from bermuda. >> i really think there is a big number. i have said the survey that matters the most is not the gallup poll, the rasmussen poll, it is the one coming out the friday before the election. big for one major reason. it is all a confidence game when they go to the pool on tuesday and ask themselves do i feel good about the future, and i feel like barack obama is right or is mitt romney right we are not moving forward, we're moving in the wrong direction? neil: the wind has kind of been that the administration's economic back, do you buy that? >> yeah, i do. if he gets a lousy number that i think his goose is cooked. if he gets 8% or above, what a
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second, we are not moving forward. neil: what do you think about that? >> 8% or higher, yes. i think what we will probably see is an average job number based on the survey we saw today so it is not going to matter that much. americans have made up their minds. we suffered high unemployment for long time, but now they've made a choice will they get too much for four more years or will we make a change. neil: thank you all so much. the last big economic data before the election next week and listen in developments like the blogs and all, it is all the talk what has happened on the administration knew about benghazi and when it knew it extended to report on "abc news," "cbs news," cnn, the daily beast, not as conservati conservative. the mainstream media is even noticing this and saying, on,
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mr. president, this isn't adding up. rudy giuliani on back after this. úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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you0have to if you want to hang with0us ♪musicú good job neil: there's a headline on one of these tv blogs. i don't mean to be facetious here, but maybe fox had been doing this continuing it, but it is a new development which made it every development at the lead of our show tonight for that. fox has always wanted to know what they knew about benghazi and when we knew it but now the media wants answers and continuing to push for answers when as far as i can tell that she started tonight.
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not to toot our own horn. some of the fine intelligence reporters, but we have been looking at this, it is nice to see them join us now. in case you just joined us, what is at issue is now a clear timeline, growing concerns and frustrations among security officials getting exaccrbated with the white house, ignoring them and the immediate concerns about the safety at the benghazi compound and how vulnerable our personnel are there, or there might have been rats, libyan rats giving to those who later attacked a compound, key information. all of this is unfolding days after the election. who better to address the concerns then rudy giuliani. good to have you. what do you make of this?
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>> when i heard about this a first impression was terrorist attack. i started to have people telling me this was a big cover-up, a big disaster, the administration sitting on this for months. they wanted to make it look like an obama success. this i think has been a situation in which a disaster took place, didn't have to happen, didn't put the election of iraq obama ahead neil: may brew a hole through the wall in the compound and i forgot about that because that would have been telltale. when did that happen? >> that happened in june. >> people want to know was there a smoking gun. no, there was a smoking cannon. they blew a hole in the wall of the consulate. neil: would that come up?
11:28 pm
>> if it didn't, we have a president so incompetent he should resign. it is totally impossible president obama wasn't briefed they blew a hole in the wall of that consulate. why does that consulate not get more security? why do they reduce security? neil: because they denied security. >> there was plenty of funding. here is the reason, they didn't want to make video look like a failure. they didn't want libya to look like a terrible mistake on the part of barack obama. neil: who toppled the dictator. >> immoderate government was elected unlike egypt where we had problem with the muslim brotherhood. benghazi has been a disaster zone for a year and this administration i think on purpose wasn't paying attention to that.
11:29 pm
the red cross pulled out, the consulate attacked twice and these letters they were begging for help from the libyan government and becomes suspicious a policeman is casing the joint as they would put it. this would be like i was mayor of new york unless somebody blew a hole in city hall and i decided no need extra protection of city hall and is blown up four months later. the people would throw me out, impeach me, they would say i was incompetent. you blow a hole in this consulate and that consulate doesn't get extra protection something is wrong, the present has not been required to answer this. neil: what do you think of the ignorant excuse? i wasn't aware. pity hwasn't, hillary clinton said we were not conveying this to the white house. is ignorance and excuse? >> ignorance should be grounds for resignation.
11:30 pm
if you can have a hole drilled in the wall of a consulate a very sensitive part of the world and the president of the united states don't find out about it, the whole national security apparatus is a disaster. neil: stick around, we will have more rudy giuliani after this. these are fast breaking developments but you get an idea why we're paying attention it is almost as if a lot of security wraps jumping ship, they are expreesing exacerbation with what they say was not a failure on their part, they did all thee had to do and all i wanted to do to warn higher-ups of impending problems in and ghazi. ongoing security concerns in libya itself and now they're coming out to say these for folks who died, we did our best to warn. what makes the back-and-forth different is that it is not fox reporting it, not just us, this
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neil: and then t there is sandy. the latest tally, don't know how they do it, $50 billion srm. i guess they figure in the businesses shut down, insinuating damages and repairs, a third of that in the state of new jersey alone. it is an ongoing mess and getting messier, who knows. he dealt with something very different called 9/11 but he knows about how this escalates before your eyes. >> this has been a terrible storm, they be one of the worst in history. i think it has been handled well. i can't see any fault with the way the emergency response works in new york, in new jersey. look, i think you have to do it. that is the right thing to do.
11:35 pm
what are you going to do, in the middle of an emergency comttee the presidents help, you need coordination. exactly how to do it, why to do it, it is interesting he met with governor christie and didn't meet with mayor bloomberg and mayor bloomberg endorsed him. neil: you had to reach out to the other side, 9/11 you are working with the democratic senator at the time, you have to, bottom line. some felt he went overboard. you don't buy that? >> i don't think so. these are enormously difficult things to manage them matter how good of a job you do there's always something you didn't think of, something that is going to go wrong. i think the ones i would be most familiar with in our area did a
11:36 pm
great job. neil: you know what is tasty is when the people are without power. he dealt with something more dramatic. people waiting for loved ones. there is a limit, what is that limit? >> i will tell you the issue that should be raised. we don't have the energy infrastructure we should have. i knew that as the mayor of new york city for eight years, eight years every summer hot day we would have a blackout, i built 10 generators in new york city to address that if i tried to build a big generator the environment list would have stopped it. we don't put in modern generators. anytime you do, 1015 year process of litigation. we have to modernize our
11:37 pm
infrastructure otherwise we are on the brink and something gs wrong it is 10 days, five days, four days to come back. we should build put this back in a day or two. neil: when we put new power stations in the same wiring, same circuitry, a little bit more earthquake resistant and we can survive a lot ofad earthquakes. so why don't we do that? >> the oppositions are systemic particularly the northeast. you have to undergo 10 to 15 years of litigation in order to get a new pipeline, a new transmission line in. they were all below the level that required significant environmental review. i got 10 done that way.
11:38 pm
if i had gone for a big one, still would have been built. neil: mayor bloomberg, who are support him out for barack obama on climate change. >> the mayor did a good job on the storm, i applaud that. i did exactly the same thing when they said they would be terrorist. neil: had he been downtown and look at it? >> you have to go forward with events like this because the fact is the city has to show resiliency. natural disasters happen all the time. neil: they can barely handle trading. >> that route will not affect the storm cleanup at all. it is great for the economy, great to get people's eyes. my whole focus was people's eyes were focused down. wanted to get the eyes focused
11:39 pm
up. try to go through as many things as possible. the mayor made the right decision. he's taking his country in the wrong direction and we can't stand four more years of barack obama and this libya thing i was told a day later that this was a big, big scandal. several people in the three or four days after that called me and said there is a lot to this and i commend your two reporters. i was warned within two days of the event it was a big scandal. neil: a few days until the election, will any of this that we discuss, jobs report tomorrow and all the other stuff changed this race with dayto go? ♪
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neil: all right, continuing with rudy giuliani spending some extra time with us tonight
11:43 pm
before he hits the campaign trail. you will be with mitt romney -- >> tomorrow. we may find out after we were wrong but it seems ohio is what florida was in 2000 what ohio was in 2004. ohio decided the election in 2004. neil: yeah, yeah. all the polls i see, mayor, show always one, two, three, some have five for the president. >> that is within the margin of le to do something about it within the last. neil: are they always like that? >> the reality is i remember 'ada weekend before the election was virtually a tie. carter, reagan winning by eight, nine points, on election day
11:44 pm
2004 i was in this very studio. it was winning by six points. that was as late as 7:00 at night. neil: is it your sense what @efines this ultimately is the economy? the obama administration has been saying the trend is our friend, things are better, not great bu better. americans are feeling better, consumer confidence is better. and give me another four years to make it even better than that. >> my instinct is the america has played itself out. 47-47. they will make their decision based on the economy. that group of economy undecided, they have had plenty of
11:45 pm
information to make up their mind. something like this libya thing could flip it. i don't know what will make up the mind of the last group. a lot of them will stay home. neil: whose supporters are more rabid to come out? >> don't think either supporters are more rabid. the motion of the people who want four more years of barack obama. the purpose ofhese rallies i mitt romney or by the president are to get those people very motivated. that's not have four more years like the last four years. neil: if you are mitt romney, you have trouble closing this case, what is it you have to do? >> he has to remain positive exactly how he has been doing. i would let other people do that.
11:46 pm
neil: hits an on a pathetic jobf it in the debates. >> somebody will debate it a week from now. a week before the election will not help for either candidate to be particularly negative. at the talk about the future, what they will do, th leave it o the surrogates to make the attacks. neil: 9/11 we could see disast disaster. you know better than anybody. not this sending a signal american capitalism can't handle a storm. >> we were out of power. actually they were ready to go on thursday, and we decided to wait only because we were not
11:47 pm
sure some trading firms were able to communicate. we took two more days off. then it was a great uplift. we were really worried something would go wrong. neil: you nicely dodged my question. you think it should have been open? >> i don't know. it would've gone down after an hour. i don't know what the condition of the source of electrical power to the exchange was, how badly damaged was, how badly damaged the firm's communicating with it. neil: that may be one of the things, is it that big of a deal to get a better price on ibm? i don't know if it is. >> that may have been part of the problem.
11:48 pm
neil: after the election, what does mayor giuliani do? >> run a security consulting firm, travel all over the world giving advice on security. revisiting energy clients, another reason i would like to see mitt romney elected so we can get some energy projects moving again. this has been, if you're wondering why it is taking so long to turn the country back on again because this president for four years has basically said no to any energy expansion including energy infrastructure. neil: attorney general, yes or no? >> i am very happy with the roles i have. neil: very good seeing you, thank you for taking the time. a real pleasure seeing you. when we come back a congressman who is demanding answers on the gassy wrote a very direct to the point letter.
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neil: say this about jason, he has been demanding answers for long time now. new indications not only was the cia warned the administration of problems developing in benghazi but now this tick-tock, this time i'd that shows those warnings and much else was ignored including crucial convening of the council that would have been very important in addreing all of this. demanding answers. any response, congressman? >> no, quite evident we are being stone blocks. neil: what do you want to know? >> we have asked for all the
11:53 pm
information, unclassified information about what was going on in the run-up and through the attack on september 11. we are disturbed by this article that came out in foreign policy literally came out today detailed to letters unveiled at the compound. after the fbi had been there. we believe they are valid. and thus far the state department has not even acknowledge them. neil: that when alway one alwaya ttle strange to me. they're too stupid, left something of themselves behind, what do you think was going on? >> it was trouble some four weeks they could not get in there, and they were only in their evidently for a few hours.
11:54 pm
here we have some additional information that may shed light on what happened but did it happen. the state department obama administration is just not provided the document. we're doing investigation, congress will do an investigation. we deserve to have that information to get to the bottom of it. neil: with all these folks coming out, some going on the record, most off the record, these organizations saying we were trying to warn the administration, is almost as if they feel horribly guilty about what happened but they wanto exonerate themselves to say we did everything we could do and we were ignored. is that the gist of it? >> if you had to summarize it, yes. we have four dead americans. love ones grieving those people. hundreds of embassies, thousands
11:55 pm
of people serving overseas. my fear is we have others in other embassies that are in very similar situations. there is a part of guilty conscice and others are mad and frustrated and disappointed the ministration has been misleading the american public. if we didn't pursue this and send some letters, it scares me to think what the administration, what the obama administration would still be spouting off about this video and all these other things that we know now are not true. neil: congressman, thank you for taking the time. you will does come up tomorrow in the campaign trail by either side? side? on that after 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon.
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it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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neil: the japanese market is open. that is what we you will follow con currently wit the market, world headlines, election night. 6:55 p.m. next tuesday. these areas without of power some say will go 5:00 a.m.. my record on the air is 11 hours straight. somebody tells me we will talk that. mcken everything that is


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